Monday, February 28, 2011

Working With The Universe Takes Courage!

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What if you grew up in a world that had never taught you limitations? What if you were never taught that you had physical limits? What if you were never taught that life is difficult, and that making money is supposed to be hard? Your world would be completely different!
“The Universe and Spirit does not understand limitations... PEOPLE invented limitations!” ~ Jennifer O’Neill
When you are young you believe that anything is possible because you are fresh from the Other Side. You are born knowing the rules of the Universe and the possibilities are endless! Then you get older and all of the sudden people begin to tell you that this is not possible and that is not possible. Your memory of the Other Side begins to fade, and you start learning a new set of rules, Physical Rules. You begin to wonder, “Maybe here on Earth there are different rules?” You start doubting yourself and what you can accomplish. Jealousy sets in and people start desperately wanting what someone else has. You start to believe that there is only so much business to go around and so much money to be made. You start competing against each other, when you should really be improving yourself to see what you can accomplish with the Universe. The people that taught you to believe that you are limited are limited themselves; so that is what they teach, they teach what they know.
Many years ago, I began doing readings, writing and spiritual teaching. As a psychic, I have noticed in recent years that people are unhappier then they have ever before. As a writer and spiritual teacher, I am always looking for ways to help people live happier lives. In the last couple of years I began receiving information from my spirit guides or spiritual teachers on “Soul DNA,” and how to help people understand who they are a little bit better.
When you become an adult, it is very hard to relearn what you used to know to be true, to believe in a new set of rules. You have been taught Physical Rules for so long that you have forgotten about the Universal Laws or rules. Physical Rules are fear based, so people become afraid. They become afraid of doing something different in life, they become afraid of what their friends and family might think, or afraid of what might happen. So they stay at a job they hate, or in a relationship that is not working and it begins to take its toll.
Let’s take your occupation for instance. One of the things that I have noticed over the years is how unhappy that people are in the work place. Unhappiness does not necessarily have to be the fault of the work place or the fault of the people that work there; “career incompatibility” may be to blame.
Since you spend about 40% of your waking time at work, why would you choose your work place so carelessly? Most people choose this way because they base their belief system on Physical Rules. They find it hard to believe that you can actually get paid for something you like to do or that you are interested in, unless you have the very unlikely gift of being a professional athlete or something. They go about finding work the wrong way, by looking in the paper and seeing what is out there and what pays the best. In other words, money first! This is the complete opposite of working with the Universal Laws. When working with the Universal Laws you must follow your passion, your intuition and what it is that you are gifted at.
Many people do not understand the relationship that they have with the Universe, and how it can open up doors for them if they just take a leap of faith… but that takes courage! You need to find courage in yourself to do something different. You need to trust in the Universe and this is not easy in fact, it can be just the opposite, it can be quite terrifying! This is why taking a leap of faith is so hard for people to do. They get so caught up in the fear of things turning out badly for them (or possibly getting worse) that they do not even entertain the idea that things might get a lot better… if they can just find the courage to try something different.
When you do not believe in limiting yourself, you will have a whole different experience. You will find success where people told you it was not possible. When you find your courage, courage to trust the Universe, you will find out that the Universe has a whole different set of rules; to follow your passion and to have the compassion to help others. You will find that there is more abundance then you can imagine, that opportunities are endless! If you do this doors will open where there were walls before, and you will meet people that will help you when things get difficult. There is more success, happiness, and wealth in the Universe than you can possibly imagine! There is plenty to go around; and when you understand this, there will be no jealousy. You will begin to understand that everyone should help each other achieve their dreams to the best of their ability. They will in turn help and support you in your success.
Eventually, I noticed a need to get this information out, so working with my Spirit Guides or Spiritual Teachers, I compiled it into a book titled “Soul DNA.” After writing the book, I decided to test this information myself. I began to see drastic changes in my own life and people began to take notice. Since this book was still in production, I thought, “Let’s take this one step further and teach other people this information, and how to use it in their own lives to see if it would have the same affect on their happiness.” I began teaching this in my readings and lectures, and the results were amazing! People began to email me like crazy, telling me how their lives had changed for the better. Then their friends would take notice and they would call me for a reading or bring me in to do group lectures.
Even when they find their courage, people want to know, "Well how do I know what my gift is?" Just figure out what it is that you most enjoy doing in life. It might be fishing, writing, reading, playing sports, talking with people, teaching, math, shopping, cooking or helping people.
Working at something you enjoy does amazing things to your spirit! The fulfillment is wonderful and the income potential is endless if you are in harmony with your passion and gifts. If you are unhappy in your job or are looking for a job, find your courage and take a leap of faith!