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6 Signs You Are An Empath

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Clairsentience, is what is more commonly referred to, as an empath. It refers to form of extra sensory perception where a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by means of emphatic feelings and emotions. In other words you can “feel” what is going on with another person emotionally.

This can absolutely be one of the most confusing of the psychic senses. 

6 Signs You Are An Empath

1) Do you feel “overwhelmed” when going to a place filled with a lot of people?

Do you feel overwhelmed when going to a mall, a sporting event, or Wal-Mart? Somewhere where there might be a lot of people? You want to go, but when you get there you feel anxious, unsettled, or “very off” but you don’t know why? It does not always have to be a public place. It could be to someone’s house party, a baby shower, a wedding, or Thanksgiving dinner, anywhere where you are around a lot of people. It is not uncommon for an empath to have an anxiety disorder. Why does this happen? Because empaths pick up on a flood of emotions from everybody all at one time! You are like a radio picking up all kinds of emotional signals from everywhere. And if you do not know what is happening, your spiritual and physical bodies become really overwhelmed trying to make sense of it all. Your spiritual body is receiving information and your physical body is trying to process it all, but it is making no sense in your mind. Your own emotional state, does not match how your body is reacting physically, hence that “overwhelming” feeling.

2) Can you always tell when someone is lying to you?

Have you always been able to tell when someone is telling the truth or lying to you? Even if they do it flawlessly, it is something you just “know” or “feel”. Or can you feel if someone is being deceptive? Even when you have no reason not to believe them? You will usually know the answer to this right away.

3) Do you have random emotions or mood swings, especially when in someone else’s presence or when you think about them, which makes no sense to you.

Do you ever have random emotions or mood swings, which do not follow a thought? In fact, in some instances you find that you are not thinking of anything in particular at all, yet, your body is reacting emotionally? If your emotions do not seem to be following a thought that coincides with that particular emotion, you are most likely picking up on someone else’s feelings, feelings which are not your own. Remember, when you think of something or someone, that thought is then coupled with your perception, and it causes you to have an emotional reaction or physical response to this something or someone. Therefore, your mind and its thoughts triggers your physical body and its emotions, causing a reaction. When this does not happen, say your physical body and its emotions are reacting on their own, without being triggered, especially in someone else’s presence, it is a very good indicator that they are not your feelings at all. It indicates that you are picking up on someone else’s feelings like a radio, a sign of being an empath.

4) Can you feel someone else’s physical ailments?

Do you ever feel sick, or experience a pain, which makes no sense to you at all? Only to find out later that it coincided with a symptom that a friend or family member was experiencing? Maybe you where feeling nauseous and found out later someone close to you had the flu, or you had a stomach cramp and found out they had appendicitis.

5) Do you instinctively know what someone needs to feel better emotionally or physically?

Can you predict or instinctively know what someone else needs to feel better, even when they do not quite know what they need themselves? Do you know what someone is thinking or trying to say, especially when they are not expressing themselves clearly? Do you know what point they are trying to get across, even when they are having trouble expressing themselves?

6) Do you feel emotionally of physically drained after being around an individual or a group of people to the point of feeling physically not well?

When you are around an individual or a group of people, afterwards do you ever find yourself feeling any of these things:

~ Shaky
~ Light Headed
~ Weak
~ Nauseous
~ Anxious
~ Out of Body
~ Low Blood Sugar Feeling (when full)

These feelings are not experienced prior to, but only after having been around people. Usually taking a couple of hours to feel “normal” again. If you experience three or more of these things after being around a certain individual or a group of people, consistently, it is a pretty good indicator that you are an empath.

Now these are 6 clear indicators of being an empath. If you are an empath, there will be no doubt in your mind after reading theses signs. You will not be thinking, “I could be, I have some of them, but I am not sure”, or “Well…I have experienced that before.” You will have an “aha” moment of, “It all makes sense now!” It is something that you will know immediately to the core of your being.

That being said, being an empath is also one of the most difficult gifts to have. However, like all things, it doesn’t have to be difficult, it can become easily manageable. Mostly by one simple thing…

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I can tell when someone is lying to me, and I hate parades, national celebrations where there are a lot of people and malls, because I am overwhelmed by the noise and other things, almost to the point of a panic attack. I can usually tell what is wrong with dogs (I specialize in animals, but do work for people too), and I have cured dogs when vets cannot figure out is wrong with them.
I used to be able to astral project, but temporal lobe epilepsy seems to have cut that out of my repertoire. I hope to get that back one day, but THEO has confirmed that I have a strong knowing.


Yes being an Empath has quite a lot of things to learn how to manage, but it does have its rewards! I think you will enjoy the new book Gale :)

So glad I came across your post. I am most definitely an empath. I figured this out years ago when there were times I would feel just awful and started being able to 'tune in' to who it was and was able to confirm by talking to the person later. I have much difficulty being around people, except for a select few. I'm really looking forward to your book because YES! I want to manage these feelings and learn to release the struggle, rather than avoiding people so much. How do I find out when the book is available?


Aloha Sophia,

Just make sure to get on the VIP mailing list! You can do that on the right side above. I will be sending out an email when it is available. Hopefully this month! Or you can "like" my facebook page as I keep everyone updated their also.


I am not sure I am an empath. I definitely can tell when people are lying or hiding something. I can automatically tell what is going on with them emotionally and I almost always know exactly what they need to fix it. I can feel someone else's physical pain. But, I do not feel overwhelmed or avoid busy places. Nor do I typically feel sick after being around most people. I also have had experiences with people whom have passed, and dreams that have become reality. Sometimes I out right read people's minds. But I am not confident and slightly terrified of what people around me call my gift. I can, for lack of a better term...see through almost anyone. I can meet someone once or twice then tell them things about themselves I should not known. I do not know how I do it. And it usually makes people uncomfortable, which leads me to second guess my self. Can you help me?


Aloha BingReal,

You are most definitely an empath. You do not have to have all of the signs to be one (such as being overwhelmed in busy places). That just means that you keep up a bit of a protection barrier, probably without even knowing it, and that is a good thing. You also have some other gifts as well. My new book "Intuition & Psychic Ability: Your Spiritual GPS" will help you tremendously by explaining things further. You will gain lots of knowledge and you will probably no longer second guess yourself. This is why I wrote the book, to help people such as yourself. It should be out this month, so make sure that you enter your email address above if you would like to be sent an email regarding the release date. Or keep checking back!


Thank you! Will do!

Interesting post! I can certainly relate to many of what you mentioned. I've always been able to quickly pick up when someone is lying or not being genuine in their words towards me (almost to a point where sometimes I'd get anxious by experiencing them lying so much). I can also definitely relate about being in groups of people. This can certainly explain why larger populated areas that are filled with stress can be exhausting if I don't really watch and take care of myself!

Thanks for posting! :-)


You are welcome! Many people have emailed me to say the same thing. Thank you for sharing your comment :)

Hello I dont know if i am an empath..but i do know that all my friends call me with all their problems.Not only my friends but sometimes complete strangers feel the need to confide in me about personl problems and the next thing i know iam couseling them as well.They to walk away feeling better about there situation. And somehow i just know what they need to hear or do to fix their situation.They always call me back to tell me..."I dont know how you do what you do..but you always tell me things that work out in my favor." Also i have dreams of deceased people who give me messsages for the living.I also have had a couple of dreams about future events that have transpired.

I’m just starting to realize I’m a empath.. well kinda but not really accepting it I should say. NOW I am after this last incident where I get terribly nauseated right before trouble is to come my way. i.e. I got sooo sick but nothing was wrong (I’m getting dressed omw to work) I leave the house to drive my usual route and my "mind" kept telling me to turn around so loudly I stopped mid street to do a K turn LOL half way I pushed the "thought" out of my mind and asked myself why do I have such a huge feeling to go the other way.. Low and behold going the usual route he comes trouble a cop pulled me over .. damn . This time I know better and was already told before I have abilities but I ignore them by staying away.. yes I like to hang out but after a while I’m soooo overwhelmed I need to HIDE OUT.. No ppl just me and my kitty.. I also have a true understanding with animals its really cool. I’m close to 30 not quite but finally coming around to what truly is what is...

I just finished reading your Keys to the Spirit World and thought I'd stop by your blog. I've been trying to determine what it is that I have - I'm thinking I'm an empath or at least have some of those abilities. Numerous times in my life I've met someone and knew instinctively they're bad news and I've never been wrong. I've told my husband "watch out for that person" and he'd roll his eyes, and then over time, he realized I was right. I've only been around one person who always makes me nauseous. I hate going in a room full of people and absolutely hate chaotic environments but I just figured I wasn't a people person. I've also noticed more lately that I can see something right before it happens. Small things, like I'm going to drop off something at someone's house and I know that their daughter will have just pulled into the driveway and lo and behold it happened. Coincidence? I don't know. Think any of this is an ability?

Loved your book and I'm going to buy more! Blessings!

I have had things happen for many years. See spirits of dead people know that someone was going to get sick what type of illness and when they would pass. I can meet someone and tell them about other family members that have passed over that they never even knew an I would tell them ask your mom or grandparent. And they would come back and say how did you know that I would tell them the truth i didnt know how I knew but the info is never worng I would see it in myminds eye or the upper right corner of my eye I could see the person and also feel how they feel in stomach.. I now stupid things like when I'm going to get a flat tire or wheni or someone else was going. To get into a car accident. It took me 6 years to have a child my wife had given up hope but I always new we would have them and their sec before birth including my sons birth mark. Mrs O'neil what is it that I have so many things started happining I started having panic attacks. And I hid this gift I'm looking yo open it back up because it did help a lot of people when I would tell them of there decesed. Relatives and that they should pray for them. If you can offer some insight please do God bless ... john

I just found out a couple of months ago I am an empath.It explained a lot of feelings I had, such as knowing when others are lying, feel like I was sad or angry for no reason. Sensing things about others before words were even spoken. One thing that is boggling me. I usually have a great connection with animals but there is one person that I know is not genuine, and their pet barks and growls at me. The animal also comes close to me like it wants to make friends with me, and then if I give it any attention it barks or growls. Its like I can hear conflict within the dog. Never came across this before has anyone else? And if anyone has how did you handle this? Thanks.


Yes those are definitely signs of an Empath :)


These are also other psychic senses that you are using. You might want to check out my book on Intuition and Psychic Ability. I think you will find it very helpful!


Yes, these are abilities. You are experiencing more than just being an Empath though. You are developing some other psychic senses. My Intuition and Psychic Ability book is good for that. Also, my book on Energy Vampires is specifically geared towards Empaths :)


Aloha John,

Yes anxiety attacks are very common for Empaths. That's why I wrote the book "Energy Vampires" you should definitely check it out as you will understand more of why your psychic senses can trigger anxiety. People don't quite understand what it can do to your physical body and they need to cause it helps. Also, you are (like many of the other people here) experiencing a development of your other psychic senses as well. My other book on Intuition and Psychic Ability breaks that down for you too. I am not trying to get you to buy them, however, this is exactly why I wrote help people such as yourself.


The dog is in conflict because animals are Empaths as well and it can feel your "thoughts" about it's owner. The dog naturally feels the need then to protect the owner from your skepticism if that makes sense. Don't worry about it, but keep your distance from the dog. (Be friendly, but aware that it's being protective). This is a good rule of thumb with all growling dogs...

Thank you I'm going to order the book

I just read through your 6 signs and I am a empath. Now it makes sense to me. I never understood why I felt and behaved a certain way in different settings, until right now. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I will definitely be reading your books.



Your very welcome! So glad it was helpful. I'm actually thinking of doing a webinar on this subject :)

My daughter is 14 and autistic. She felt my dads pain when he was dying in the hospital. She started choking and saying her feet hurt and I called my mom and she said yes dads choking on his fluids and Dianne is rubbing his feet. Next day at my sisters house my daughter sat up in front of my sister and I and pointed and staired off in a daise saying don't cry for poppop.Eleven years later drs are saying she has Schycitzophernia.She says dead people talk toher and poppop tells her to kill herself and her doll amy tells her to do bad things...could she have psycic ablity or something. My daughter can tell me where things are when nobody was around to tell her.They want to medicate her but maqybe shes spiritual and bad spirits tell her to do bad things what do you think?


Spirits do not normally tell people to harm themselves or others. If she says this is what's happening she definitely needs to have medical help.

Thank you this helped me out so much I have a lot to learn about myself

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