Wednesday, September 19, 2012

8 Signs of Clairtangency

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Clairtangency is the ability to handle an object or touch an area and perceive through your hands to obtain psychic knowledge about the article, its owner or history. It’s also known as Psychometry.
It is the ability to feel energy from objects or spaces and receive a psychic impression of the people who have touched it, or been in and around it.
Now people mostly think of clairtangency as relating to only objects that you hold, but it can also relate to large objects such as a car, a building, or a monument. People often unknowingly possess this psychic sense as well, but it’s not talked about enough for people to understand what it is. 

People feel energy all of the time from everywhere; objects, other people, and places. They just tend to ignore what they’re feeling. Instead of recognizing it’s the energy of a person, place, or thing they don’t like, they just decide it’s the actual person, place, or thing they don’t like. However, when and if the energy of those things shift, which happens all of the time, they will then experience a very different reaction.
Here’s a list of things that will help you determine if you have experienced this psychic sense. And since clairtangency is so common, many of you will probably resonate with at least some of the things on this list right away.
8 Signs of Clairtangency:
1) Do you have trouble buying used things you would wear from rummage sales or consignment stores such as clothing or jewelry because they “feel” weird to you, or you don’t like they way they feel on?
Do you personally not hold any judgments of buying used clothing or jewelry items, yet when you try them on it feels “weird or uncomfortable” despite your wish to have it? Have you tried to buy used clothing items only to find they sit in your closet, or you end up selling them, or giving them away? Used items such as clothing or jewelry hold the energy of their owners. They also tend to hold emotional energy of what the owner might have experienced when wearing the object. So many times you’ll pick up on this energy and you may not know what you’re experiencing. New items tend not to have an energy attached to them, as other people have not worn them. When you wear an item, there is an energy transfer.
2) Do you have trouble buying used furniture or going into antique stores as the energy feels icky or strange, but you don’t know why?
This is very similar to what happens with objects that you wear. Furniture or objects that might go into your home also will have energy attached to them from the various owners who handled the objects. However, there are a couple things that are a bit different. Usually furniture, furniture items, or antiques tend to have multiple people who have come into contact with them, even with one owner. Also, energy doesn’t always attach in the same way to these types of items. Many times, you can clear the energy from the item a bit easier by cleaning or refinishing it.
3) Do you steer clear of pawnshops, as they really don’t feel good to you?
Pawnshops tend to have a lot of negative or “icky” energy in the store and around the products inside. There is a very simple reason for this. Usually people who pawn items are looking for quick cash in desperation. That alone will leave a very unsettling energy in the store and on the objects there. If you can buy things from a pawnshop with ease, it’s a pretty good indicator that you don’t have this ability.
4) Do you ever find yourself wanting or not wanting to go into a restaurant or store, because of how the place feels to you?
Despite the outside appearance of a place, do you ever find yourself either being drawn into or being steered away without any reasonable explanation? This is because the energy of a place and the people who inhabit it will set the tone energetically. It can work either way; it might feel good or not so good depending on the energy that is constantly coming and going into the place.
5) Do you ever find that cluttered spaces make you feel uncomfortable?
Do cluttered spaces make you feel uncomfortable? This could be anything from a junk yard to going to someone’s cluttered house, or even your own house when it’s messy. Do you find you feel overwhelmed or anxious when surrounded by clutter? Clutter carries a lot of scattered energy, energy that parks itself in the space. This energy can be really intense when a lot of it is piled in one particular place.
6) Do you ever find that a messy house or workplace affects your mood and productivity?
Similar to cluttered spaces, a messy house or workplace will hold scattered energy. This energy, if not cleaned out of your space, can make it hard for you to focus and concentrate if you are clairtangent.
7) Do you ever feel the need to wash your hands after picking up or looking through used items?
Used items hold energy, so if you’re sensitive to that, you may feel the need to wash your hands as it will “stick” to you when you touch them. A simple solution is to wash your hands with soap and water, as it will wash transferred energy away.
8) Do you ever feel the need to wash your hands after picking up rocks or crystals?
Rocks and crystals are some of the most powerful objects when it comes to “retaining and transferring” energy. So it’s a no brainer what will frequently happen when you come into contact with them. They also produce their own energy, just like people, so there doesn’t have to be any transfer of someone else’s energy to you, as you may pick up their own energy. Their energy is powerful and you may not resonate with each and every one of them, so you may feel compelled to wash your hands when coming into contact with certain stones.

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